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The UVAer face shield utilizes cutting edge technology to provide you with safe and sanitized air so that you can comfortably live in this new normal we find ourselves in.
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The UVAer shield provides protection to your whole face, even your eyes, against airborne particles that cause infections. If you’re tired of the humidity and the feeling of suffocation that comes with common face masks, the UVAer is perfect for you. The shield contains an antiviral filter that kills any virus that contaminates the air. It features a built-in air flow system that will allow you to feel a nice breeze down your face. So, say goodbye to the sweat and the fogging up because now there’s a device that keeps you healthy and cool.

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UVAer Face Shield

The antiviral filter inside the UVAer needs to be replaced only on a monthly basis. The replacement process is super easy, and used filters are not considered to be biohazard waste, so you can simply throw it away.