Tired of the discomfort of a face mask?

Live life more comfortably and safely with the UVAer.

UVAer Features

Two Silent Fans
antiviral filter

The UVAer is an air purifying face shield that lets you live your life comfortably and confident that you are breathing safe air.

Pure Air



Safe Breathing


The UVAer is designed to protect you and the people around you with its unique anti-viral filter. Want more information about the UVAer’s unique chemistry?


Reopening your business? It doesn’t matter what kind of business or industry you’re in, safety is a number one priority

Learn how UVAer can keep your business healthy

“After witnessing the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic, we really wanted to find a way to help out. So, we came up with the idea of a face shield that would allow the stopping of the spread of this virus (and any virus), helping all of the front-line workers. The UVAer face shield will allow you to go about your day confident that every breath you take is safe and healthy. It is also so comfortable that you won’t even know it’s there.”

Kamala Keerthana Madireddi

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